Dear friends,

It has been a very long time since I saw any one of you. I am terribly sorry and I miss you all. Yes, all of you. I hope you are doing well. I know that some of you have been busy with rescue missions. I hope the mission goes well. And please whoever is Koldan’s mission partner, take care of him. I worry this mission will not be easy on the mind for him, and for anybody else. Anyways, take care and be careful, my friends.

Some of you may not know, but I have moved to the Karanese District. I missed Sina, but I thought it is finally time to move away from my home wall. Koldan found a lovely home and I hope someday you will come and visit us.

Since moving to the Karanese District, I am working at the local Military Police office. Although it is smaller than any branch in Sina, there is much work to be done in Karanese. 

I am sorry that this letter is so short, but I hope to hear about how you are doing, and maybe tell me some gossips that I have missed while I was away! 

-Joel Kiem. 


I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs


Forgot this isn’t my personal tumblr. 

Yes, I do stalk you guys. 

Yes, Joel would like to grow an awesome kickass beard. 

*Snuggles Koldan’s manly beard*

ask-joelkeim asked: Adri- ARk! *Joel slips on wet floor and acciently smacks Adrian with chocolate heart*




Joel- Really? Can’t you say ‘hi’ like a normal person? 

"No," Joel says serious as he looks up at Adrian 

He resists the urge to sigh, instead offering a hand to help him up. “Some things never change.”

"Tha~nk you," Joel grins and grabs Adrian’s hand to get up. "So what happened to that chocolate of yours?"

ask-joelkeim asked: Fiiin! *Hand Fin a chocolate heart* Here you go!


Wow, thank’s a lot, Joel! *take the chocolate and eat it* showry I dohn’t havv anhything tho returhn *talk with mouth full of chocolate*

"Don’t worry," Joel laughs "I did kind of disappeared on you guys."

Joel hands a napkin to Fin. “Glad you enjoy it, heh.”

ask-joelkeim asked: Adri- ARk! *Joel slips on wet floor and acciently smacks Adrian with chocolate heart*


Joel- Really? Can’t you say ‘hi’ like a normal person? 

"No," Joel says serious as he looks up at Adrian 

ask-joelkeim asked: *Hands Lucas couple of chocolate hearts. Joel grins*




"Thanks Joel~" *Glancing down at the chocolate and grins back at him*

"No problem," Joel casually looks away but glances at the teen. There is a reason for Joel’s grin. He waits.

"Ah~ I know I have something for you," he smiled, "But, I don’t have it with me. Would it be okay if I give it to you a little later?"

"It’ll be alright!" Joel smiles at Lucas. He suddenly thought Lucas might not eat the chocolate. "Ah- You should give the chocolate a try!"

His lips tightens together, trying to stop his smile to grow out to a grinning smirk. 

ask-joelkeim asked: Nata!!! *Hands her a chocolate and strawbetter tart* Happy Valentines!


"Ah! Joel~ Why thank you! and happy Valentine’s day to you too~" Natalia gave a sweet smile as she placed a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you Natalia!" Joel brightens up (more) after the kiss. "Hope your day goes lovely~"

ask-joelkeim asked: Uisdean!! *Smiles and hands her chocolate heart*


Huh? *she turned around to see Joel holding a chocolate heart* F-for me? *She hesitantly took the chocolate confection and smiled softly. * T-thank you Joel…

"It very is for you, dear Uisdean!" Joel’s smile cracks into a grin, "No problem. It’s Valentines after all! Hope your Valentines goes well!" 

ask-joelkeim asked: *Grins and gives a kiss to Koldan's beard chin and snuggles to a hug* Happy Valentines Koldan!


The kiss just take him by surprise. He didn´t know what was happening and when he realize he saw his golden boy kissing his beard chin. “Jo…Joel!” He hugs him and fill his face full of kisses. 

"I miss you, I miss you so much. I didn´t know where were you" Say a bit emotional. "I didn´t recieve any letter from you, I was…I was worried"

"I’m sorry," Joel truly is. He looks up at Koldan and snuggles tightly against Koldan, his arms wraps around the larger man and his face bury against Koldan’s chest. Joel breathes in and sighs.

"I had a sudden call from my family. There was a meeting with the head house and my father called me for the meeting. I had to go, and while in Sina, work called for me also" It is a bad excuse. "I wanted to tell you before I left for Sina, but there was no time… I thought I mailed you too… I guess I forgot…" By now, his voice is a murmur. He might have said sorry again against Koldan’s chest.

ask-joelkeim asked: Heeey there Little miss! *Tops Annie's head with chocolate heart* Happy Valentines!


"Oh hey, Joel—… yeah, thanks."


"No problem Annie!" The blonde man grins "Hope your Valentines goes well~"

ask-joelkeim asked: Happy Valentine Tuesday! *Hands Tues heart chocolates*




Tuesday smiles at the gesture from Joel, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Joel.” 

"I think Valentines started splendidly with your kiss!" Joel teases and winks at Tuesday.

The Russian giggled at that, and tilted her head at Joel with a smile. “Oh come on, my kisses aren’t all that special.”

"But I like kisses from pretty maidens!" Joel did not pout but stick his bottom lip out.

ask-joelkeim asked: *Plops chocolate mini bunny on her head*


"ah- J-Joel!" Upon instinct the smaller girl, held onto the chocolate bunny, hugging the blonder boy. "Thank you. It’s so cute! How can I eat this.." She glanced down on it, nibbling on it’s ear a bit. 

"But Captain, you already have answered the question!" Joel grins "And thank you. I’m no chocolatier but I added the bow to the bunny!" Indeed the bunny has a small red bow around its neck.